Residential Subdivision Development:
Sound Earthworks, Inc. constructs projects from start to finish for its'
customers. We have extensive experience taking a project from raw land to
finished streets, sidewalks, and graded lots, ready for home construction.
Our customers count on us to handle the details from small to large. We have
constructed projects of all sizes from small short plat subdivisions to formal
plats as large as $6,000,000. We excel in coordinating our activities with the
work of private and public utility companies and others whose activities are
interwoven in the project construction.

Commercial Property Development:
Sound Earthworks, Inc. understands the priorities of our customers in
developing commercial property. We focus on providing the building pads
and excavation necessary in a timely manner so that construction of the
physical structure can proceed on schedule. We coordinate overall
construction activities regularly with the building contractor and the owner to
ensure a smooth project workflow for critical path items, understanding that
the customer wants the entire project completed on schedule and that we
must all work together to accomplish that goal. Sound Earthworks, Inc. has
extensive experience in public road and utility construction and is well
equipped to construct the off-site public improvements which are often a part
of commercial development.

Underground Utility Construction:
Sound Earthworks, Inc. has installed many miles of underground utilities.
From deep and challenging sanitary sewer pipe lines, to shallow, yet intricate
waterlines, pressure reducing stations, detector check assemblies, etc. We
have installed large storm drainage systems including cast in place concrete
storm cells and large galleries of underground storm detention systems.
Whether simple or intricate, Sound Earthworks, Inc. has installed it. We
place a high priority on safety and have personnel trained and certified in
evaluating soil types and ensuring that the trench is safe and ready for pipe

Public Road Construction:
Sound Earthworks, Inc. has completed many road improvement projects for
various cities and counties in the local area. We have certified traffic control
personnel who keep our workers and the traveling public safe. Road
improvement projects are coordination intensive and Sound Earthworks, Inc.
excels in this area. Our highly experienced project management team works
well with the private utility owners and subcontractors to ensure a smooth
work flow and timely project completion. We have the experience and
knowledge necessary to get the job done, done right, and done on time!  
Sound Earthworks, Inc. has vast experience
in all phases of civil construction.
Sound Earthworks, Inc.
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